Huddle Up Hutch: A History of Salthawk Football 1902-2016

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This book presents 435 total pages of fascinating and inspiring stories and features as well as photos, game summaries, facts, and statistics covering over 120 years of Hutchinson High School football.

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About the Author

Steve Miller graduated from Wichita State University in 1971 with a degree in secondary education. In the same year Steve began his coaching career as head football coach and social science teacher at Rossville High School in Rossville, Kansas. In addition to coaching football, Steve was an assistant coach in basketball and track & field for the Bulldogs at Rossville. Three years later, in 1974, Coach Miller moved back to Wichita, where he coached at Kapaun-Mt. Carmel High School, serving as an assistant football coach under legendary Kansas high school football coach, Eddie Kriwiel.

In 1974 Steve met Rosemary Falconbridge, who also was teaching at Kapaun-Mt. Carmel High School. They married in 1976 and moved to Hutchinson, Kansas where both were hired as teachers at Hutchinson High School. Steve also served as an assistant coach in football, basketball, and track at that time. In 1979 Steve became the head football coach for the Salthawks and discontinued his duties as an assistant basketball and track coach in order to focus on the weight training program during the off-season. In the spring of 1984, Steve concluded his tenure as the head football coach at Hutchinson High School.

That same year Steve became the head football coach of Wichita East High School. During the summer of 1985, Steve served as the head coach of the Kansas Elks All-Star Football Classic.

Steve and his family moved back to Hutchinson in 1988, and for the first time in his career, he was not coaching. Instead, Steve became the Assistant Principal and Activities Director at Buhler High School. Steve’s wife Rosemary returned to serve as an English teacher at Buhler High School for the second time in her career.

After leaving Buhler High School in the year 2000, Steve worked at the central office level as Director of Human Resources for USD 308 in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Finally, Steve left public education altogether in 2002 when he became the Director of Human Resources at TECH, Inc. in Hutchinson. Steve retired from TECH, Inc. in the fall of 2009 but continued his human resources career when he accepted a job at Wesley Towers as the Vice President of Administrative Services.

In 2006 Steve accepted a Rule 10 assistant football coaching position at Buhler High School under first-year head coach Steve Warner.

After retiring from Wesley Towers in 2011, Steve has been able to pursue his interest in the history of Hutchinson High School on an almost full-time basis, with this book the result of those efforts.


About the book (by the author):

This book presents 435 total pages of fascinating and inspiring stories and features as well as photos, game summaries, facts, and statistics covering over 120 years of Hutchinson High School football.

I hope this book fulfills my purpose to showcase and properly preserve Hutchinson’s football history. One unforeseen outcome of researching and writing this book has been the uncovering and rebirth of the first 50 to 60 years of the program’s history that, for the most part, had been buried so deep in the archives that it was impossible for us to know and appreciate them. Now, more recent generations have an opportunity to learn about those teams, players, and coaches who blazed a trail for the modern era of Hutchinson football. Hopefully, once-famous Hutchinson players such as Solomon “Sol” Butler, Johnny Armstrong, Vere “Whiskey” Lowe, Ellis Ellsworth, Norman Neighbors, Emerson Carey, William Carey, Orville Harper, Jack Parker, Harold Nevius, George Gear, Charlie Bernard, John Calvin, and many others will come to life again in the minds of the readers.

Many of the young men who have worn the Blue and Gold have become good citizens, husbands, fathers, and pillars of their communities. Some have had the good fortune to see their sons follow in their footsteps on the football field. In some instances, several generations in the same family have experienced what it is to be a proud Salthawk. I hope that this book will enhance and preserve some of that pride as we tie the past to the present.

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2 reviews for Huddle Up Hutch: A History of Salthawk Football 1902-2016

  1. Dan “Coach Nac” Naccarato

    This book is a MUST PURCHASE for anyone connected to Salthawk Football – players, coaches, managers, fans, relatives, and anyone who ever lived in, or near, Hutchinson, KS, from 1902 to 2016.

    Steve Miller did a remarkable job researching, compiling, and presenting history, stories, and photos.

    The day the book arrived, I thought I would set it on the shelf and occasionally refer to it. Once I opened it and started reading the fascinating accounts, I became so engaged in it that I could not resist studying each and every page!

    Thank you for dedicating years of skill and effort to this worthy endeavor, Coach Miller!

  2. Joan Strano

    After countless hours of research, interviews, observations, and sleuthing, Steve Miller has complied a gem of a product that will interest anyone that has had even a minute brush with Salthawk football. Honestly, this book is a wealth of information laid out in a manner that even a shirt-tail HHS fan can appreciate. Thank you Mr Miller, as well as his in-house editor, for seeing such a monumental project to its completion, thus enabling so many to re-live those good old days.

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